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With El Nahl 100% Pure & Natural Black Seed Honey

About Us

For the first 3 years of the history of our company, we operated as retailers while also packing for our “El Nahl Honey” brand for local distribution, powered by Ambuzz Trading Services, Singapore. With company growth came increased opportunities to provide the highest-quality honey to more consumers. Today Ambuzz Trading imports raw honey from Middle-East and supply to Asian countries including Malaysia.

Before we ever bring product into our facility we grade it for color, flavor and moisture to ensure that it meets our high standards. To ensure that every blend of our pure honey meets consumer needs, we thoroughly test it. El Nahl Honey is proud of our tradition of providing honey that meets the high standards our customers have come to rely on. We take pride in bringing you one of the best honey varieties in the world from the Middle-East. We also welcome any resellers who are interested in our products to be part of our venture in selling pure honey products to consumers.