Honey Sachets

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Introducing Honey Sachets.

“We want to transform honey into a trendy, pocketable, mess-free healthy superfood snack as well as a healthier alternative for consumers to enjoy life the way it was meant to be lived.”

Honey Aficionado

Hundreds of you have been asking. We finally made it.

The new Honey Sachet is made with our signature 100% pure natural Black Seed Honey, which means you will get all the greatness of the Nigella Sativa flower in pure honey.

Take it when you need it, wherever you want it.


Super Easy to Open 
One simple tear is all you need. No scissors. Mess-free.

One tablespoon of nature’s best in a single sachet. Holiday? No problem.

Pop a sachet in your pocket and consume it anywhere, anytime.

Kid friendly 
Easy for kids to enjoy pure honey without mess.

Share The Love
Loving your new life thanks to black seed honey? Pass a sachet along.

Recommended Intake

Take directly from the sachet, add it to a tea or coffee, a smoothie, oats, or yogurt.
Each packet contains approximately 1 tablespoon of honey (15g).

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