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OTG single units available now!

We heard you! Now we want to make it easier for you to get our OTG bottles. You will be able to get single units of the OTG bottles from this week onwards. 
The OTG bottle contains natural honey which has a tasty aroma purely harvested from the bees which collect the nectars from the Habbatus Sauda' flowers. Therefore, it contains the benefits of Honey and also Habbatus Sauda'. We take pride in bringing you one of the best honey varieties in the world. 

Having honey in a bottle makes it easier for working adults who are concerned about their body wellness & health. Also, for young mummies who want hassle-free packaging as the honey can be sticky and create a lot of mess when its scooped from the jar. 

Whether you are a office worker who needs to have a snack in the office or a mobile worker who needs a quick energy boost , the OTG single unit is the way to go!

Choose from our 2 flavours .The original Blackseed Honey and Blackseed Honey with lemon.
This is what our customer say about the OTG product :

What's more? We are running a flash sale just for 3 days! (18/04/21 - 20/04/21) ARE YOU EXCITED?! Do get your single unit OTG by clicking here.